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"Needless to say, we highly recommend Sally to anyone interested in injecting humor with substance to an event."

CCCCD's 5th annual

Comment from attendee

"You did a great job presenting our theme on customer service and helping us accomplish our objectives. I’m not sure how you capture an audience at 7:30am but we are still smiling."

Business Interiors

Human Resource Manager, Linda Broome

"Our diverse audience of both professional and volunteer women ranged in age from their twenties through their sixties...not an easy crowd to capture. They loved her!"

CCCCD's 5th annual

Comment from attendee

"Her humor was teasing, but tactful... Ida Mae's motherly and quick-witted humor made it easy and safe to laugh at ourselves."

Business Interiors

Audience Member

"You have such a gift of relating to everyday people in everyday situations and we were all touched in one way or another. I believe all 500 attendees left the meeting feeling a bit lighter with regard to various circumstances they might be facing in their lives. As the meeting planner, I also want to say thanks for making my meeting stress free! I don't recall other speakers being so self sufficient in taking care of themselves from beginning to end. I hope to have you back as Ida Mae in the future."

Atlanta Apartment Association

Sheryl Camp

"... Sally has spoken at many ARCO meetings including United Way rallies, retirement celebrations and town hall gatherings between employee groups and senior executives. Sally generally presents herself as Ida Mae, a character that she invented to use humor to convey important messages that employees remember. She is an eloquent and accomplished professional speaker on a wide range of subjects..."


James D. Robertson

"We expect a professional speaker to plan and execute a speech flawlessly. It’s quite another thing to discover that Sally has mastered the art of ad-libbing after listening to the speakers for the first time that day, successfully fooling participants about who she was, and leaving the audience roaring as they listened to her recap of the day and friendly spoofs of prior speakers."

Collin County Community College

Paula Roman